hrtech consulting  are able to deliver a range of services to your enterprise. These comprehend consulting and technical support for the implementation of personal management and payroll systems.

Our team of committed and experienced senior consultants and project managers supports you in the process of project organization and execution. Furthermore in design of processes, as well as in selection and conception of the technical system build and in finding solutions for integration of a new system in the existing IT landscape of your firm.

Our focusing on HR projects and systems indicates that experience and available know-how are covering all aspects of such systems. Confidentiality, knowledge of the legal framework, the requirement of social security institutions, pension funds and other insurance partners in Switzerland and the UK are a matter of course.

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Personnel management systems

Today’s varieties of available options to support HR personnel processes with IT system functions, being either  on-site solutions or solutions in a cloud environment complicates or impedes decisions for the best suitable solution. This optimal solution should fit the specific requirements and situation of an enterprise.

Functionality, implementation and operation costs of such systems are very often difficult to overview and to arrange. To determine the specific benefit, based on increased efficiency, such as faster available and more accurate key parameters, is usually not simple to evaluate.

The team of hrtech consulting guides you through the system evaluation process and helps you, to transform the resulting decisions into successful system implementations. The senior consultants of our firm have been successful in over 40 HR projects, especially in the SAP HCM area. They are ready to enrich the project teams with their knowledge and competence and are also ready to take responsibility together with our whole firm.

Personnel management systems

Payroll Experts

Collective labour agreements, different forms of engagements and pay solutions, legal framework, requirements of social security organizations, of retirement plans and other insurance options determine today’s conception and the build of payroll functions as part of personnel management systems.

Expert knowledge and the competence of consultants from hrtech consulting refers in a comprehensive way to payroll systems in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the UK. An experience of over 40 successful projects in this area has been gained in different industry sectors. Such as pharmaceuticals, industry, trade, services, health care and public service.

Our services in past projects for payroll systems were in the analysis of processes and operation procedures, in the conception of payroll calculation models and arithmetic functions, in calculation of payments, deductions, reserve postings and other modules to build correct payroll results. Also the analysis and conception of interfaces to finance and other systems, the development of reporting and key figures besides audits of existing client payroll systems have been important parts of our work.

Payroll Experts

SAP HCM Services – Support, Implementation, Redesign

Personnel Administration, Contract Management, Recruitment, Personnel Development, Talent Management, Benefits, Personnel Cost Planning, Management of Global Employees, Management of Pension Fund, Time Management, Payroll for Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the UK, Learning Solution, Training and Event Management, Organizational Management, Travel Management – these are software items in SAP Systems with a wide range of functionality for the efficient execution of processes in personnel management.

The hrtech consulting team has delivered services in all of these SAP modules with success. From technical support of actual operating SAP HCM systems up to new installation of additional  Modules or a full redesign of SAP HCM systems our services are delivered with expert knowledge and cost efficiency.

SAP HCM Services – Support, Implementation, Redesign

Ideas, creativity, reliability – a qualified team … 

supports your enterprise in the process of implementing HR technology systems. A large treasure of experience, a long standing, trusted partnership, proved in the course of many projects in a large number of firms, characterises the expert team of hrtech consulting.

Project Management

For the management and execution of complex projects a large number of methods and tools are available. From standard methods like HERMES or PRINCE2, via client or industry specific methods, to specific products in project management a wide range of possibilities exists. Our specialists consult and help to evaluate the most efficient and useful methods and are ready to support and apply these methods in projects of HR system implementation.

Alongside the different procedure methods, the variety of available tools, supporting project management in supervision, communication and execution, is vast. On-site or cloud-based solutions can be used successfully, increasing efficiency and reducing project costs. Project managers of hrtech consulting will help you to find useful solutions and applications.

Characteristics of a successful project are not only defined by the right methods and the best used tools. Alongside a wide range of other important parameters, such as competence, committed project management by an experienced project manager, are one of the most important aspects of successful projects. Consultants of our firm represent a long experience in project management of HR projects or in their support of client’s project managers.

Project Management

Onshore, nearshore, offshore development of software

The given functionality of personnel management software systems is not always sufficient to the requirements of an enterprise. Gaps, opened by missing country specific or industry specific functionality, or by missing integration options, can be filled in different ways. Depending on software standards and technology, solutions can be found ‚embedded‘ or have to be installed by way of independent add-on’s or applications.

Additional development requirements in the process of implementation of HR management systems were often defined by complex data migration requirements. The necessity to develop client specific interfaces (inbound and outbound) and additional reporting requirements take up another part of development activities.

The technical competence and experience of the hrtech consulting partners, acquired in many development projects, especially on SAP HCM platforms, allow to find development solutions, adapted to client needs. Depending on complexity, cost, given time frame and required technology, software development can be accomplished directly through our firm or by means of partner firms, nearshore or offshore. Conception, coordination und supervision of the development will then be core parts of our engagement.

Onshore, nearshore, offshore development of software
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